let the internet work for you!

Local Customer Service

Local. Have you ever wished you had a technology expert in your own backyard. You do! My name is Susie Michels; if you live in Forks you probably know someone who -knows someone -who knows me.

Onsite service. I offer onsite-support for your convenience; we can meet in your home or at your business. Being local has its advantages, call me if you need help right away, and quite often I can come right over.

Flexible hours. Appointments during business hours or in the evenings and on weekends.

Technology is my business. I make it my job to stay current on the latest trends of computers and on the internet so when you have questions about new equipment or building a website I can help you select the best fit for your needs. If you need help purchasing and setting up your equipment I can do it for you; if you need tutoring or training, I can to that, too.