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Business Computer Services

 FWS offers computer services and training for the small business. Many companies have computers and know how to use them for tasks they perform every day, but they don’t have the time to explore further to find out what else their computer can do for them.
I can help you automate many of the time-consuming tasks that you have been doing by hand, for instance:

  • Setting up spreadsheets that calculate payroll hours, inventory counts, or track mileage and expenses with monthly sub-totals.
  • Setting up forms that fill in the information automatically, so you or your employees don’t have to.
  • Track multiple email accounts in one place without logging in to individual accounts.
  • Time saving tips and tricks in Microsoft Office.
  • Simple software to generate and track safe passwords without having to memorize hundreds of different combinations.

Perhaps the biggest area I have noticed that business owners have not had time to address – is backing up the data on their business computers. I can help you setup some very simple and inexpensive solutions, which will ensure your data stays safe even if your computer breaks down from mechanical failure or virus infection.

Need help expanding your ability to stay in touch? I offer setup and tutoring services on cell phones/smartphones. Your mobile device is an important business tool. If you own one I will help you learn how to use it.